Videos about Birth

About Birth

A selection of my favourite videos about birth.

Michel Odent - What is a Midwife?

Question CPD (Cephalo-Pelvic Disproportion)
This video is a compilation of images of women, many of whom had caesarean section births because they were told their babies were too big and/or their pelvises / pelves too small, who went on the give birth vaginally to babies the same size or bigger.

New Born Birth Injuries:
About birth positions and interventions during pushing

Penny Simkin on Pain vs Suffering in labour:

Sheila Kitzinger having her say:

I am a midwife because... Part I
'Eight midwives with diverse backgrounds and practicing in different settings in the US and Canada--home, hospital and birth centers--share their stories of what led them to midwifery. For some, it started with their own birth; for others it was a deeply felt "calling," a way to be part of the "solution" of improving birth outcomes and experiences for women and their babies. Inspiring, moving and at times hilarious, I am a Midwife Because...provides an inside look at what moves women to do the important work of being a midwife.'

And Part II...
'Learn how the experiences of being a research student, a Peace Corp volunteer, a New York City police officer, and a 7-year old child led seven American midwives into the profession of midwifery.'

If you have any more videos about birth that you would like to add, please include a link in the comments below and I will add them to this list!

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